A. Electric

Wiring Diagram

OM-1 ~ OM-13, OM-A, OM-A-M, BM-2 110/220/24V Actuator (ON/OFF, 3 Point Control)

Travel switches adjustment for OM-2~OM-13

The quarter-turn actuator is provided with a limiting of manual rotation device to avoid over-travel with the hand-wheel. Before setting the limit switches, please adjust the mechanical stops.

Mechanical Stops adjustment
1. To loosen the screws
2. To adjust limit switches & travel cams.
3. To adjust the screws
4. To reverse one cycle
Travel switches adjustment for OM-1 & OM-A, OM-A-M

Important Notices & Maintenance

Make sure if the voltage is correct before wiring.

Power off before distribution or for maintenance purpose.

Lock tight the casting and conduit entrance after power distribution to prevent from dusting or water spoiling.

The angle of electric actuators must not be below the horizon or stands upside down.

When electric actuators need two sets of unit for simultaneously, please connect with the individual cable.

Don’t install in complete vacuum space directly.

Actuator should be placed at clean and dry place for storage, and protected with outer carton from being affected by great temperature difference or serious vibration.

OM-1~ OM-13, OM-A, OM-A-M 110/220/24VActuator (Modulating , 30% & 75% duty cycle)

Wiring Diagram

Dip Switch setting

sensitive switch: (Factory setting is position “3”)

Position “0” : Lowest Sensitive, 0-90 divided into 17 steps.

Position “1” : Highest Sensitive, 0-90 divided into 70 steps.

Seting for OPEN and CLOSE
1. Keep pressing “SET” for 3 seconds, then LED9 comes on, it will enter the manual mode.
2. Keep pressing “UP” until LED2 comes on (fully-open), then supplies the input signal (5V or 10V or 20mA) and presses “MODE” once.
3. Keep pressing “Down” until LED1 comes on (fully-close), then supplies the input signal (1V or 2V or 4mA) and presses “MODE” once.
4. After finishing the above settings, press “SET” once.
LED1: Fully - Closed
LED2: Fully – Open
LED3: Power
LED4: Abnormal Voltage
LED5: Wrong Input Signal
LED6: Motor Thermostat
  Turn Off
LED7: Input Signal Short Circuit
LED8: Motor Current Overload
LED9: Manual Control
To reset and return to the original status – Please power off and get troubleshooting, then power on.